ManageBacVideo Tutorials DiplomaDP Core (CAS, EE & ToK)

DP Core (CAS, EE & ToK)

This tutorial provides an overview of how ManageBac can be used by admins & teachers to track the Diploma Core, including CAS, the Extended Essay & Theory of Knowledge.

Setup Required

In order to use the features highlighted in this video, your ManageBac administrator will need to complete the following 6 steps:

Step 1: Configure your Academic Terms

Step 2: Configure your DP Subjects, Options & Levels

Step 3: Configure your Access & Security Permissions

Step 4: Import Teachers

Step 5: Create your Year Groups & Import students

Step 6: Assign Students to Advisors


1. Can I assign more than one advisor (for CAS, Homeroom, Extended Essay, ToK) per student?

Students can only have one advisor for each of the following - CAS, Homeroom, Extended Essay, ToK. Click here for a tutorial on assigning students to advisors. 

2. How do I create EE & ToK deadlines that appear on the student worksheets?

Admins can assign year group deadlines which are linked to EE or ToK via the year group Calendar tab. Once added, add a To-do and the to-do will appear on the student worksheets. Click here for further guidance.

3. How do I enable/disable CAS hours?

Via the year group Settings. Hover over IB Manager > select a year group > click Edit Group Settings

4. How do I add/remove CAS questions?

Via the year group Settings. Hover over IB Manager > select a year group > click Edit Group Settings

5. Are CAS, EE & ToK interview notes visible to students?

By default, all interview notes are hidden from students, however, you can share interview notes with students via Settings > Access Permissions & Security > enable Browse Interview Notes

6. How are CAS experiences marked as complete?

CAS Advisors can mark experiences as complete at any time via the student's CAS by clicking on an experience & changing the status to complete. Alternatively, navigate to Settings > School Settings > CAS & Service Action > tick Mark activities as complete when an activity supervisor has marked the activity as "Completed Successfully".