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Reviewing CAS Samples (IBAEM and IBAP)

Via the Schools Tab

Via the Schools Tab

As a Regional Staff manager or Moderator, you can easily review CAS samples from the Schools tab. This tab will show the schools, which have submitted CAS samples in your working region.

Regional Staff managers can assign Moderators to individual schools. Moderators will only be able to view assigned schools.

After selecting the school, the default view will show the number of outcomes that students are targeting across their activities, the count of evidence that they've submitted, and the number of meetings that have been held to date.

You can adjust the views from the dropdown menu, which will allow you to view planned & completed hours, and overall progress by activity type.


By clicking on a student, you will be taken to thier CAS reflections.   You can then filter to show evidence for a specific activity or filter by a learning outcome on the right side of the screen.

Clicking the green arrow will direct you to the individual activity, where you can view the full activity details including the dates, the activity supervisor information and the reflections.  


Clicking on the Progress Form tab will dispay all notes and interview comments left for that student.  


Clicking on the Completion Form tab will display a list of their activities and an outcomes chart, which shows how their activities are balanced across the 8 learning outcomes. The yellow bars provide a count of the number of activities that are targeting each particular outcome, whereas the green bars indicate the number of activities completed with evidence. Over the course of the program, the green bars will gradually overlap the yellow ones as the students complete their activities.


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