Completing Checklist Requirements

The Application Checklist is located on the Parent Account under Student Details > Application Checklist.

It can also be accessed from the Parent Dashboard by clicking a child's name. For more information on navigating the Parent Account click here

On the Application Checklist, you are able to complete all items related to the application, including submitting online forms, uploading documents, scheduling tours, and registering for open days.

Submitting a Form

Click the relevant Checklist item or the pencil icon on the right to fill a form.

After completing all the fields, you can review the form on the Submit Page.

When you are done, make sure to click Submit Application.

Editing and Viewing a Form

When a form is submitted, it is automatically locked. If the school unlocks your account, then you can click the pencil icon to edit a form.

When the form is locked, you are still able to view it by clicking the review icon.

Sending a Questionnaire Form

Questionnaire type forms are used for forms that are completed by a third party, such as teacher recommendations or confidential references. You will only need to provide the Recipient information, and the recipient will complete the rest of the form.

There are two ways the recipient can receive a Questionnaire type form. 

1. Via Email - We recommend that you send the form by email. Fill in the Recipient details and click Save and Send Via Email. The recipient will receive an email with a link to complete the form and submit it directly to the school's OpenApply account. Once the form has been completed, the item will be crossed off on the checklist and the recipient will receive a Confirmation Email.

2. Via PDF - If for some reason the recipient cannot accept the form via email, then you can click Export to PDF to create a PDF copy of the blank form. You can then provide it to the recipient yourself, and they will need to submit it back to the Admissions Office. 

As a note, you may only see the Save and Send Via Email button depending on how the school has configured their forms. 

To re-send the form, return to the Application Checklist and click Re-send via Email

Uploading a Document

You can upload required documents by clicking Upload Files under a Checklist Item.

Click on the trash can icon to remove  a file, or click Add Another File to upload additional files.

Scheduling Events

Click on the relevant checklist item to Schedule a Tour or Open Day.

Select the Child(ren), and click Next to select Campus and then Date & Time.

Complete the Form and click Next to review.

When you're done, make sure to click Submit on the Submission page to confirm this tour.