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Enabling WeChat Pay on OpenApply

To allow parents to use WeChat Pay, it is necessary to enable WeChat Pay via Settings > Payments

If you have already enabled WeChat Pay in your WeChat Service Account, you can enter the App ID, Merchant ID and API key from your WeChat Service Account into the WeChat Pay Settings in your OpenApply account.

Please see below for information on accessing the App ID, Merchant ID and API Key in your WeChat Service Account.

Enabling WeChat Pay in your WeChat Service Account

If your school has a WeChat Service Account but has not previously enabled WeChat Pay, please follow the steps below to enable WeChat Pay.

Log in to your WeChat service account, and click WeChat Pay on the left panel to go to the WeChat Pay setup page.

Follow the instructions on the page to provide required information, and use the available guidelines to help you. It may take 1 to 2 working days for WeChat to review all of the materials submitted before they can sign an agreement with you online, to allow you to use WeChat Pay.

Setting up the API Key

Once WeChat Pay has been enabled in your WeChat Service Account, you can set up the API Key by following these steps:

1. Click WeChat Pay on the lefthand menu bar. In the Linked Merchant Accounts section you should be able to see your company / school name in the category of Ordinary Merchant. Click View on the bottom right.

This will take you to the Merchants Platform of WeChat Pay. You will be required to scan a QR code to verify your identity before you can log in.

After you have logged in, click Account Center on the top menu bar.

Click API Security on the lefthand menu bar. In the API Key section, you can set or reset your API Key by clicking the link on the bottom right, depending on whether it has been set before. If you have set your API Key before but do not remember it, you can also click on Reset API Key to set a new one.

Enter a new 32-digit API Key, which should be a combination of letters and numbers. Enter it once again before clicking on Save

Very Important note: Be sure to securely store the API Key outside of OpenApply because you will not be able to view it once it is set up.

Accessing the App ID, Merchant ID and API Key

You can find the AppID via Development > Basic Settings (the 'Development' menu is on the bottom left of the navigation menu 微信公众平台服务号左侧栏下方 > 开发 > 基本配置).

Mch ID (Merchant ID) can be found at WeChat Pay > Linked Merchant Accounts > Merchant ID(微信支付 > 已关联商户号>商户号).

The API Key can be retrieved from wherever you stored this outside of OpenApply and WeChat.

Once you have the App ID, Merchant ID and API key, you can enter these into the WeChat Pay Settings, at Settings > Payment to enable WeChat Pay on OpenApply. Parents will then be able to submit payments on OpenApply via WeChat Pay.