OpenApplySingle Sign-On (SSO) Single Sign-On (SSO)Signing in with ManageBac Accounts

Signing in with ManageBac Accounts

The ManageBac Accounts feature allows OpenApply users (both parents and admin) to sign in via their ManageBac account.  It also allows users to link to other supported applications like AssessPrep, BridgeU and iSAMS.

Once you have set up linked accounts, you will need to use your ManageBac credentials on all connected accounts.

Note: Users whose accounts were previously linked via the Launchpad will need to re-enable SSO using the new Accounts Application.

Signing in with ManageBac

Navigate to the parent or admin login page, and click on Sign in with ManageBac.

Enter your email address and password that you would normally use to log in to ManageBac and click Sign-in. Note, this must be the same email address that you use for your OpenApply account.

Next click Authorize to enable signing in with your ManageBac account. You will only need to authorize this access the first time you log in. Once authorized, you will be taken straight to your OpenApply account upon future logins.

Switching Between Accounts

To switch between accounts in OpenApply or to other linked systems, click the Launchpad icon located between Settings and Help & Support on the Admin Dashboard. Next, select the account you would like to switch to in the pop-up box.


For more information regarding managing your ManageBac Accounts login, including managing your profile, sessions, and linking to other systems, please click here.