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Tracking Application Submissions in Google Analytics

Goal Setup

Through the Google Analytics integration with OpenApply, you can track submitted applications and compare it against all the data and tools available in Google Analytics; campaigns, audience, acquisition, behaviour, etc.

Only those with admin access to your Google Analytics account can setup up the tracking. To configure this, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have a Google Analytics account created, and that it is integrated with your OpenApply domain. You can add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to your OpenApply account at Settings > Google Analytics
  2. In Google Analytics, go to Admin  Goals  select New Goal

3.  For Goal Setup, choose Submission

4.  For Goal Description, enter a relevant name, and choose Destination for Type

5. For Goal Details, select Begins Within the drop-down menu and put "/dashboard/" without quotations in the first box

6. Keep Value as Off

7. Select On for Funnel, create 1 Step with a relevant name (e.g. Application Confirmation)

8. Enter "/apply/confirm/" without quotations under Screen/Page, and select Yes for Required

Google Analytics will begin to track this Goal after the settings have been saved. 

Analyse the Goal (application submissions)

There are many different ways a school can analyse the application submission goal. Please note that by default a Goal is not filtered and does not accurately reflect submissions at first glance. 

To filter, click Conversions  Goals  Goal URLs. 

Please note the Goal Completion number on this page doesn't accurately reflect submissions, yet.

How the Goal is currently setup is that anyone going to the URL with "/dashboard/" is considered a completed Goal. We want to see only those who went directly from "/apply/confirm/" (a.k.a the last page of the application form) to the parent dashboard ("/dashboard/"), as that is the path parents take when they complete an application.

To filter for the accurate Goal:

  1. Under Goal Option, select your Goal. By default, it will show all your Goals together.
  2. Click Secondary Dimension, and select Goal Previous Step - 1.
  3. Click advanced next to the search bar  in the green box, select Goal Previous Step - 1.
  4. In the box, type /apply/confirm/  select Apply. 

Now your results are only those who went to the parent dashboard directly from the application confirmation page a.k.a an application submission. Google Analytics will never yield 100% accuracy, but this is the best method available. 

You can use the +Add Segment option on the top to compare against a host of options; campaigns, traffic, users, time, devices, demographics, etc.

You can select Save on the top, to add this specific report to the saved category for future use.