1. How long does it take to set up the integration?

Initial setup takes 2-4 weeks. This includes time for a data check completed by OpenApply and data corrections completed by the school. Please note timelines vary for each school depending on size and the current state of the data.

2. Which statuses are included in the integration?

At this time only Enrolled students in OpenApply will sync to iSAMS. All students from OpenApply will sync to the Current Students section of iSAMS, regardless of their Enrolment Year or Enrolment Date in OpenApply.

3. When initially enabling the integration, will the data from OpenApply overwrite the data in iSAMS?

Schools can choose if they prefer for data in iSAMS to be overwritten from OpenApply upon the initial integration. Generally, schools that are new to iSAMS will want the data in iSAMS to be overwritten, while longer term users of iSAMS will not want data overwritten at the time of enabling.

Using the OpenApply > iSAMS > ManageBac Integration

1. Can I enable the three integrations at once?

No, each integration will need to be enabled individually. Depending on if you are a new or existing customer for one or all three systems, there will be a different recommended order for enabling the integrations. It will also depend on your school’s preference. Please contact us at support@managebac.com if you are unsure how to get started.

2. iSAMS handles parent contacts differently than OpenApply and ManageBac. How should our school organise parent information going forward?

When using the integration it is best to list parents in iSAMS as individual contacts instead of as combined Parents contacts. Any time a new student is Enrolled in OpenApply, the parents will be created in iSAMS as individual contacts, not as combined Parents contacts. If you have existing combined Parents contacts, then the information in OpenApply can sync to those existing contacts in iSAMS. However, new Parents type contacts cannot be created via the integration. 

3. How should the student home address be determined in iSAMS to sync to ManageBac.

The student home address will sync to iSAMS as a Self contact with the Student Home Address Flag enabled. In order to sync to ManageBac, you will need to ensure that other contacts’ addresses do not have the Student Home Address Flag enabled.

1. How long does it take for information entered into OpenApply to flow to iSAMS?

Information will update to iSAMS within 10 seconds of being saved in OpenApply.

2. When is a new student created from OpenApply to iSAMS?

A new student is created in iSAMS when a student’s status is changed to Enrolled in OpenApply.

3. Can I sync students with future enrolment years/dates?

Yes, if you Enroll a student in OpenApply with a future enrolment year or future enrolment date, then the student will appear in iSAMS under Pupil Manager and Teaching Manager. However, the student will not appear on the register for taking attendance.

4. How will student addresses and emails sync between OpenApply and iSAMS?

The student address will sync to iSAMS as a Self contact with the Student Home Address flag enabled. The student email will be included in the Self contact if one was created by the student address. The student email will also sync under Pupil Contacts and Networks. 

5. How will parent addresses sync between OpenApply and iSAMS?

Parent home addresses in OpenApply will sync to iSAMS along with the other parent information. Please note that as work addresses must be stored in a separate contact in iSAMS, work addresses will not be synced from OpenApply to iSAMS. This will avoid creating any duplicate parents. 

6. How do I withdraw a student?

Withdrawn students are not yet included in the integration. When you change a status to Withdrawn in OpenApply, the student’s information will stop syncing to iSAMS. The correct process is therefore to withdraw the student first in OpenApply and then withdraw them in iSAMS. Eventually this will be automated as part of the integration. Note that the withdrawn date will only sync from OpenApply to iSAMS if the student is currently Enrolled and had previously withdrawn from the school.

7. Should I assign Student IDs in iSAMS or OpenApply?

This is up to your preference. To assign IDs from OpenApply, you will need to ensure that you are creating the ID before you change the student’s status to Enrolled. If you would like to use iSAMS to assign IDs, please be sure you have configured iSAMS School Code Settings to Enable Automatic School Code. For more information on how to do this, see page 7.   

8. Is it ok to add new students directly to iSAMS?

No. If the OpenApply > iSAMS integration is enabled, then please add any new students through OpenApply. You will need to mark them as Enrolled before they will be created in iSAMS.

9. Is it ok to delete synced students from iSAMS?

No. If the OpenApply > iSAMS integration is enabled, then please do not delete any of the synced students from iSAMS. The students will not be able to be re-synced if you delete them. If there is a situation where you think you should delete a student, please contact us at support@openapply.com for advice. 

 10. How do I Transition Years in OpenApply/Rollover to the next year in iSAMS?

 We recommend that you process Rollover in iSAMS first. Once your iSAMS rollover is completed, you can then Transition Years in OpenApply. Note: If you have the iSAMS > ManageBac > OpenApply integration enabled, please wait 24 hours after processing Rollover in iSAMS before Transitioning Years in OpenApply. 

11. Can Enrolled students in OpenApply sync to Applicants in iSAMS?

No, Enrolled students in OpenApply will always sync to the Current Students list in iSAMS. If you would like students to appear in the Applicants list for a certain amount of time, it is recommended to move them there after they have been synced to iSAMS. Please note that while a student is listed as an Applicant in iSAMS, updates made in OpenApply will not sync to the student.

Common Errors

1. What does the orange triangle on the Students Roster with “iSAMS sync error” mean?

The orange triangle on the Students Roster with the message “iSAMS sync error” indicates that there is data that didn’t sync from OpenApply to iSAMS. If the error says that a specific field is mandatory, then you have likely deleted the information in OpenApply, but the information is not able to be deleted in iSAMS. We recommend re-entering the data into OpenApply. If the error says the student does not exist, then the student was likely moved out of Current Pupils in iSAMS. We recommend switching the student back to a Current Pupil in iSAMS or updating OpenApply to the correct status.

2. If I delete information in OpenApply, will it be deleted in iSAMS?

For most fields, when information is deleted in OpenApply, then it will also be deleted in iSAMS. However, there are some fields in iSAMS that are required that may not be required in OpenApply. In these cases, when you delete the information in OpenApply, an orange triangle will appear next to the student on the Student Roster with the message “iSAMS sync error – {field} is mandatory”. In this case we recommend re-entering the data into OpenApply.

3. If I delete a student in OpenApply, will it be deleted in iSAMS?

No, iSAMS does not support syncing of deleted students. Students who were Enrolled and have left the school should be moved to Withdrawn or Graduated status in OpenApply and marked as a leaver or former pupil in iSAMS. If the student is truly a duplicate then you should merge the student in OpenApply and delete the duplicate in iSAMS.

4. A new student isn’t syncing. What went wrong?

Be sure to double check that the student’s status is Enrolled in OpenApply, and ensure that the student is not already in iSAMS in a status other than Current Pupil. Check the OpenApply Students Roster for an error message next to the student’s name.

5. A specific field isn’t syncing for a parent or student. What went wrong?

If the field is blank in OpenApply, it is possible that iSAMS does not allow this field to be blank. Check the OpenApply Students Roster for an error message next to the student’s name.