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Application Review Mode

The following webinar introduces the Application Review Mode in OpenApply. Learn the benefits of the new feature, how to configure Application Review mode, and how to enable and review applicants. This interface and feature set will enable you to easily complete the application review process entirely online.

Presentation & Resources

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FAQs from the presentation

Q: Where can I access the OpenApply demo site?

A: You can access the OpenApply demo site at:

You can use the demo site to try out anything that you may not wish to edit on your own OpenApply site first, as the demo site resets every hour.

Please contact us at if you require the password to access the demo site.

Q: Do reviewers have to be in the system already?

A: Yes, you must first add the reviewers as admin users, via Settings > Staff Directory.

Click here for advice on Creating your Staff Directory and Managing Users.

Q: Do the reviewers have access to the rest of OpenApply? Can I add a person only to check a review and not see anything else in OpenApply?

A: You must add the reviewers, as admin users, as noted above. However, you can add them as read-only users, and limit their permissions so that they can only access the admin dashboard. Then all they will be able to access will be the dashboard and the reviews that they have been assigned.

Q: Can you differentiate between applicants that do or do not need EAL or SEN review? So EAL or SEN teachers can review only the ones that they test?

A: You can use tags or office use fields to easily identify which applicants do or do not need EAL or SEN review. We have advice on manually tagging applicants here, tagging via the applicants roster here, and on automatically tagging applicants here.

To allow EAL or SEN teachers to review only the ones that they test, you can add them as reviewers, via Settings > Admissions > Review Mode, but disable them for all programmes and campuses, so that they are not automatically included in reviews. Click here for advice on adding reviewers, and enabling or disabing them for certain programmes. You can then individually add them as reviewers for particular applicants as necessary, by enabling the applicant for review via the applicant profile, as explained here.

Q: Can you send a Wait listed file for review mode again?

A: No. Only those with the Applied status can be reviewed. However, you could 'Undo' the Waitlisted status tempoarily, to put them back to Applied, as explained here. Once the review has been updated, you could change the status to Waitlisted again. Alternatively, if they are being reviewed again for entry into a different academic year, you could follow the process for applicants who were declined and re-apply, as noted below. If the review had previously been completed, you can re-open the review by going to the individual applicant profile, and clicking to Add Reviewers again.

Q: How can applicants who were declined and reapply be handled?

A: Click here for advice on how to handle the statuses of applicants re-applying for a different academic year. Once they have the Applied status again, if the review had previously been completed, you can re-open the review by going to the individual applicant profile, and clicking to Add Reviewers again.

Q: When re-sending review notifications, are those who completed the review already notified again?

A: No. Only those reviewers that have not yet completed their review are notified.

Q: What type of documents does Vantage Reader support?

A: Vantage Reader allows you to view and annotate Word and PDF documents. It also supports viewing JPG and PNG image files, but these cannot be annotated. If you would like to make use of the annotation, you may wish to update the text in your checklists or forms, to request parents to upload Word or PDF files.

Q: Can we upload and mark admissions tests in review mode so that other reviewers can see comments on the test?

A: Yes, this would be possible. You can upload the file first via the Files tab on the applicant profile, ensuring that you use a Word or PDF file. Then add yourself as the first reviewer. You would then be able to annotate the admissions test, in order to mark it, using the Vantage Reader function, as explained here. Then the other reviewers would be able to see your annotations.

Q: Is it possible for an admin user to see a list of all of the reviews that are oustanding for a particualr reviewer?

A: No, this is not currently possible. But each reviewer can see all of their own currently outstanding reviews via the Application Review tab on the Admin Dashboard. Admin users can also go to each applicant profile and enter review mode to see which reviewers have completed their part of the review for a particaulr applicant. Admin users can see which applicants have had all of their reviews completed by using the Review Status column on the Applicants roster.


This webinar was originally run on November 14, 2018.

Host: MacKenzie Hovermale, OpenApply Director
Presenter: Tom Kirby, OpenApply Support Associate