The following webinar explains Events in OpenApply. Learn how to create and edit Events, how Parents can register for different Events, and how to schedule, reschedule or cancel Events for applicants as admin. The Events functions in OpenApply will enable you to handle Event logistics entirely online, from start to finish.

Presentation & Resources

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FAQs from the presentation

Q: Where can I access the OpenApply demo site?

A: You can access the OpenApply demo site at:

You can use the demo site to try out anything that you may not wish to edit on your own OpenApply site first, as the demo site resets every hour.

Please contact us at if you require the password to access the demo site.

Q: Is there a way to export a list of attendees and their information?

A: Yes, you can export a list of attending Applicants by clicking the Export to CSV icon of the specific Event in Settings > Admissions > Events.

You can export a more detailed list of attendees for all Events on a specific day via the Events Calendar of the Admin Dashboard. Click on the desired day, then click the Export Events to XLS icon at the top right of the pop-up.

Q: Is it possible to have different events for different locations?

A: Yes, you can configure different events for different locations by selecting the desired location when creating or editing the Event in Settings > Admissions > Events. Click here for advise on how to configure different events for different locations.

Q: Will hosts be sent an alert or notification when a tour is scheduled with them?

A: Yes, the assigned host of tours will be notified via email when a tour is scheduled with them.

You can also subscribe the the Events Calendar in OpenApply, so Events can be pushed to your personal calendar. Click here to learn how to subscribe to the Events Calendar.

Q: Can there be multiple hosts for one event?

A: Yes, you can assign multiple hosts for each instance of the event, or assign different hosts for different time slots of the same Event. Click here for more information on how to assign hosts for Events.

Q: Can Parents reschedule tours by themselves?

A: No, parents cannot reschedule tours by themselves. Admin can reschedule tours for parents via the Events tab on the Applicant's Profile. Click here to learn how to reschedule tours.

Additionally, parents can only schedule tours if you either enable Display Tours on Landing Page or allow parents to via a Tour-type Checklist Item.

Click here to find more information on how to Display Events & Event Types.

Click here to learn how to configure your Checklist.

Q: Can Admin register Applicants for Tours and Open Days?

A: Yes, you can register Applicants for events via the Quick Start buttons on the Admin Dashboard. Please note the Applicant must already be in the system for you to register them for a Tour or Open Day.


This webinar was originally run on September 26, 2019.

Host: MacKenzie Hovermale, OpenApply Director
Presenter: Alex Lewis, OpenApply Support Associate