Forms & Fields

The following webinar provides a general overview of editing forms and fields in OpenApply and best practices for online forms. 

Presentation & Resources

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FAQs from the presentation

Q: Where can I access the OpenApply demo site?

A: You can access the OpenApply demo site at:

You can use this site to test form editing, to see the parent view or to try out anything that you may not wish to edit on your own OpenApply site first.

Q: How do we enable the Chinese parent user interface?

A: Please contact us at, if you are interested in enabling the Chinese parent user interface. You may also wish to read this tutorial.

Please note that although OpenApply includes many automatic translations, it is necessary for you to translate anything that is customised to your school, such as school name & address, buttons on the landing page, form titles, custom fields, etc. so you will most likely need a member of staff in your school who speaks Chinese in order to add the necessary translations to be able to use this feature.

Q: When does the form get locked so that parents cannot get back into it?

A: Each form is locked automatically once it is submitted by the parent. Once forms are locked, they cannot be edited unless an admin unlocks the applicant. Please note that forms which have not yet been submitted can always be edited by parents, as long as they are on the checklist for that applicant. 

Please click here for more information on locking and unlocking applicants. 

Q: How does the enrolment fee and form work?

A: On Application type forms, an Enrolment fee can be enabled. Click Yes for Enable Enrolment Fee on the form and then enter the enrolment fee amount.

Once the enrolment fee is enabled, the parent can automatically enrol their child once the status has been changed to Admitted, by submitting the enrolment form and paying the enrolment fee. The enrolment form will contain the same fields as the re-enrolment form, but the enrolment fee is defined on the application form.

Please click here for more information on the enrolment fee.

It is also necessary to enable the automatic e-mail for the Admitted status to make use of this feature.

Please click here for more information on automatic status notification e-mails.

Q: Is it possible for parents or administrators to print a copy of an application form?

A: For administrators to print a copy of an application form, navigate to the profile for that applicant, then click on the 3 Vertical Dot icon next to the applicant’s name, and click on the name of the application form to export the application form to PDF. The PDF can then be printed.

Please click here for more information on exporting to PDF as an administrator.

Parents are not able to print their form directly through OpenApply. However, they can review a previously submitted form via their checklist. They should navigate to the checklist for the applicant, then click on the 'Review Form' icon. 


This webinar was originally run on March 22, 2018.

Host: MacKenzie Hovermale, OpenApply Director
Presenter: Tom Kirby, OpenApply Support Associate