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Transitioning Years

The following webinar provides a general overview of how to transition academic years in OpenApply. Transitioning years is an important step in the process of getting your school's account ready for the next academic year. 

Presentation & Resources

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FAQs from the presentation

Q: Where can I access the OpenApply demo site?

A: You can access the OpenApply demo site at:

You can use this site to test the re-enrolment or transitioning years process, or to try out anything that you may not wish to edit on your own OpenApply site first.

Q: What happens to students that are still Pending for re-enrolment when I transition years?

A: Students that are still 'Pending' or 'Not Sent' for re-enrolment will not be transitioned. It is necessary to mark each student as Confirmed or Declined for re-enrolment, in order to transition them.

Please click here for more information on how to manually enter a re-enrolment decision for a student, so that they can be transitioned.

However, you can leave a student as Pending or Not Sent, if you are unsure if they are returning for next year. Then you can mark them as Confirmed or Declined for re-enrolment at a later date, and then transition those students as necessary, once you know if they are returning for next year or not.

Q: How do you handle students who are repeating or skipping a grade?

A: OpenApply assumes that students are re-enrolling for the next grade up. However, if they are repeating or skipping a grade, you can edit the grade that they are re-enrolling for when manually entering their re-enrolment decision.

This can be done individually via the applicant profile, or through the re-enrolment page.

Please click here for more information on how to manually enter a re-enrolment decision for a student.

Q: Does transitioning change my current applicants? When should I change my new students from Admitted to Enrolled?

A: No, transitioning years does not change applicants. Transitioning years only changes the grades of your Enrolled students who are Confirmed for re-enrolment, and allows you to Withdraw or Graduate students that are leaving.

The best time to enrol new students depends on your school's preference. For example, some schools prefer to enrol new students now, so they know which students are confirmed for next year. However, some schools may have synchronisation with ManageBac set up, so may prefer to only Enrol the students once they actually join the school, so that they sync across to ManageBac at the desired time.

Q: My school has synchonisation between OpenApply and ManageBac. In what order should I transition each system?

A: This is explained in more detail in our tutorials on Transitioning Years. In brief, you should complete step 1 of ManageBac transition (generate reports and term grades), then transition OpenApply, then complete the remaining transitioning steps in ManageBac.

Please click here for information on transitioning years in OpenApply.

Please click here for information on transitioning years in ManageBac.

Q: Do we need to ensure that all payments have been marked as paid before we transition years?

A: No, there is no need to do this. Payments do not have an effect on transitioning years.

Q: Do parents receive an automatic notification when the status is changed to Graduated or Withdrawn?

A: This is not enabled by default. However, if you wish, you can enable an automatic e-mail for each of the Graduated and Withdrawn statuses. The automated status e-mails can be customised and enabled at Settings > Admissions > Status &  Notification. Click on the status (Graduated or Withdrawn), and check the box for Notify Family and/or Notify Student, to enable the automatic e-mail for that status. Once this is enabled, then an automatic e-mail will be sent, when changing students to this status.

Please click here for information on how to enable automatic status e-mails.


This webinar was originally run on June 13, 2018.

Host: MacKenzie Hovermale, OpenApply Director
Presenter: Tom Kirby, OpenApply Support Associate