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Adding Families and Children

Adding a New Family

If you are an agent working with a new family interested in applying, it is easy to complete additional applications or enquiries via your Agent Dashboard.

When logged into your Agent account, click Dashboard in the top left to navigate to your dashboard at any time.

Via your Agent Dashboard, click to Add New Family to start an application or enquiry for a new family

It is then necessary to enter some basic details for the parent. This is because all applicants must have at least one parent, and so that you can easily view and manage the application on behalf of that parent. It also ensures that the family will be correctly linked.

Choose to Schedule an EventProceed to Enquiry or Proceed to Application. You can then proceed to register for an event, submit the enquiry or complete the application form, on behalf of the parent.

Please note that Schedule an Event will only be available if the school allows parents and agents to register for tours or open days. Proceed to Enquiry will only be available if the school has the Registration of Interest form enabled. Proceed to Application will only be available if the school has the application form set to display on their landing page; some schools require an enquiry to be submitted first, before proceeding to application.

Adding a Sibling

Under the relevant family, click to Add Sibling and then choose Submit a New Enquiry or Submit an Application to easily add a sibling to an existing family.

Parent/Guardian information will be populated automatically when completing applications or enquiries for additional children.