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Agent Registration Form

Customising the Agent Registration Form

If you work with agents and would like to use the agent mode, please send a request to us at to enable the agent mode for your school.

Once the agent mode is enabled, navigate to Settings > Forms,  you will find an Agent Registration Form has been created. The form is disabled by default.

Click on the Agent Registration Form to edit the form.

When editing the Agent Registration Form, you will see an Agent Profile grouped field with fields to ask for the agents details. Certain standard fields are included on the form.

You can further customise this form by editing and adding fields, as explained in our Adding & Editing Fields on Forms tutorial.

When the form is ready, click Save Changes at the bottom of the form.

Enabling the Agent Registration Form

After customising the Agent Registration Form, navigate back to Forms. Click the checkbox to the right of the form to enable it.

Once the form is enabled, agents can create accounts, and can log into existing accounts.

Please contact us at if you would like assistance with migrating existing Consultant/Recruiter guardians to the new agent role.