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Sending Messages to Agents

Automated Emails to Agents

Active agents will automatically be copied on any automated messages sent to parents, such as status notification emails, tour confirmations, etc.

Further information on automated emails can be found here

Sending Individual Messages to Agents

Navigate to the Applicant Profile and click on the Notes tab. Select the radio button for Notify Applicant & Family via email. From the To: dropdown menu, you will be able to select the agent to send the message to.

Sending Messages to Agents in Bulk

You can filter all students working with agents, and select all or some of the filtered results by using the checkboxes on the left side of the roster.

Next, click Send Messages. You can select from previous message templates, or click New Message to create a new template.

From the Bulk Messaging page, you can edit the message, and then select whether to send it to Parents, Applicants, Agents, or multiple recipients.

Further information on messaging in OpenApply can be found here.