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Accessing, Editing, Merging Agent Profiles

Accessing Agent Profiles

The agent profile can be accessed by directly clicking on the agent name from the roster.

This article explains about Adding Columns to the Roster & Sorting Columns

You can also access the agent profile from the applicant profile by clicking on the Pencil icon next to Agent on the right sidebar.

Edit Agent Profiles

From the Agent Profile, you can click the Pencil icon on the top right of the profile to edit.

Merge Agent Profiles

If the same agent exists twice in your system, the two agent profiles can be merged. 

Please note that once the two agent profiles are merged, it cannot be undone. All agent data will be merged into one profile and all students each agent works with will now be linked to the same agent. 

Navigate to the Agent Profile that you would like to be merged. Click the Merge (two blue arrows) icon at the top right. 

Search for the first name of the agent, then select the correct agent to merge to, and click the Merge Contacts button.

Choose which information you would like to keep and click the Merge button.