Track your enrolment figures here in real-time. View enrolment by year level vs. capacity as defined under your settings.

For each grade, we display the number of students who have confirmed re-enrolment (i.e. confirmed their place for that grade), along with those who are still pending or have have declined.

1. Confirmed RE: students who have confirmed their places for next year.

2. Pending RE: Students who have not yet confirmed their places for next year.

3. Undecided RE: Students who are undecided on whether they will attend next year.

4. Declined RE: Students who have declined their places at this grade level for next year.

5. Newly Enrolled: Students newly enrolled for this grade level this year.

6. Total Confirmed: The sum of Confirmed RE + Newly Enrolled

7. Places Offered: Number of students with Admitted status for this grade level.

8. Total Spaces Held: The sum of Confirmed RE + Pending RE + Newly Enrolled + Places Offered

9. Capacity: Total seats per grade level defined under Settings > Admissions.

10. Available Seats: Capacity minus Total Spaces Held

Make sure that you have selected the correct academic year at the top. You can also view the enrolment report by a particular date, e.g. in a future month, you may have seats available because of students withdrawing. Click on the calendar next to Enrolment For to view the enrolment for a given date. This takes account of the Effective On date of status changes, for example, students that may be enrolling in the future.