Creating and Customising Rubrics

Rubrics operate similarly to Forms in OpenApply but in a simplified manner. Rubrics can be customised to fit your review process with a number of field types available and the ability to add or remove any fields from your rubric. Please note there are no grouped fields for Rubrics.  

The following types of custom fields can be created:

Single-line Text - short, one phrase text answers

Multi-line Text - text answers requiring several sentences

Dropdown Menu - select one value from a long list

Checkboxes - select multiple values from a list

Multiple Choice - select one value from a short list

Date - date picker ensures consistent date formats

Year - select from a list of years

URL - enter a clickable link

Email Address - collect a valid email address

Number - a number of up to 19 digits

Decimal - a number that allows decimals

Terms - certify agreement of acceptance to terms and conditions

Signature - an e-signature with date stamp

Phone Number - a valid phone number with country code

Creating, Editing, & Disabling Rubrics

Creating a New Rubric

Navigate to Settings > Admissions > Review Mode > Rubrics > +Add Rubric.

Rubrics Editor

In the Rubrics Editor, select a Title for the rubric, and then link the rubric to its Campus and Programme.

On the left menu, you can create fields to customise your rubric. You can drag and drop them onto your rubric and easily re-order their sequence. To create a new field click + Add Field and follow the instructions about editing the field information below.

Double-click on a field or click Edit Field to edit the field information. You can edit the field label, translation, instructions, if the field is required and/or set a default response. Click on Save Changes when done.

Enabling and Disabling a Rubric

To disable or hide a rubric, untick the Enabled Checkbox. This allows you to keep the information from unneeded rubrics in the system without allowing administrators to continue filling them. Click on Save Changes when complete.