Enabling an Applicant for Review

Via the Applicant Roster

Click on Applicants on the lefthand navigation panel. In the Review Status column, an empty entry means the applicant is not enabled for review, an empty circle means they are already enabled for review, and a checkmark means the review is complete.

To enable or disable applicants for review, select the desired applicants and click the Review On/Off button at the top of the roster. Please note that only applicants with Applied status can be reviewed. Use the Filter to help filter for the desired applicants before making your selection. For more information about creating and saving filters, please go to Save Filter Settings.

Via the Applicant Profile

At the top, righthand side of the applicant profile select the Review Icon > Add Reviewer to assign reviewers to the applicant and start the review process. Select the desired reviewers and put them in the correct order from left to right if you have Review in Sequence enabled. Click Confirm when you are done.

Under the Review Icon you can also select Resend Review Notification to resend the notification to the pending reviewer.

The Latest Activity on the Applicant Profile and Admin Dashboard will show when and by whom the student was enabled for review.