Review Process

Accessing the Review Interface

As a reviewer you can access the review interface for an applicant in three ways:

1. Via the secure link in the email notification received when the applicant was enabled for review.

2. By clicking on the Application Review tab on the Admin Dashboard. Applicants listed as Ready are pending for review, while reviewers can also see the reviews they have Completed.

3. Via the Applicant Profile > Review Icon > Review Applicant.

In the review interface you can select three types of content to review. On each tab you can fill any rubric fields on the right or leave comments. Be sure to click Save Changes before moving to the next tab. 


Review all forms completed for the applicant.


Review all files that have been uploaded to an application. Click on the Magnifying Glass next to a file to view it. The Previous and Next buttons will take you to additional files. You can download any files as necessary by selecting them and clicking on the Download button.

When viewing files via the Magnifying Glass icon, reviewers can also annotate Word documents and PDF files.

The following types of annotations can be used:

1. Sticky note - add a note to the document.

2. Text Box - add text to the document.

3. Area - draw a box around a group of text that is connected to a note.

4. Ink - draw or write by hand on the document.

5. Highlight - highlight text in the document.

6. Strikeout - draw a line through any text in the document.

7. Squiggly - draw a squiggly line under any text in the document.

8. Underline - underline any text in the document.

9. Comments - add comments that will appear on the righthand side. 


View all internal correspondence about the applicant that was sent during the application process.


The reviewer should complete their rubric and provide any final comments. Be sure to click Finish Review when done.

Please note that if review mode is In Sequence then when a reviewer finishes their review the next reviewer will be notified by email. The Representative assigned to the student will be notified by email once all reviews for the applicant are completed. Completed reviews also appear in the Latest Activity and Daily Digest.