Activating Parent Accounts

Click on the Families tab on the left panel. Under the Families tab, Parents are displayed with key information in columns. Select parents to perform bulk actions, for example Activate Parent Accounts, Enable Notifications or Re-send Welcome Emails. When activating parent accounts, the parents will automatically receive the Applicant & Family Welcome e-mail, allowing them to set their password and log-in for the first time.

Click Filter to further refine your selections.

Once your pool has been selected, you can select all or select individually.

Parent Icons

Icons next to each parent name indicate whether the parent is has an account, is enabled to receive e-mail notifications or have verified their e-mail address:

  1. Key icon - parent has an activated account, and can log into OpenApply
  2. Envelope Icon - parent is enabled for e-mail notifications, and will receive e-mails sent through OpenApply
  3. Check mark icon - parent has verified their e-mail address, and is able to use LaunchPad Single Sign On

Thes icons can also be viewed on the right panel of the applicant profile.

Rearranging Columns

Easily rearrange information on the screen by clicking Arrange Columns. Drag and drop the fields to alter how information is displayed.

For example, display the Children in the lefthand column, followed by Parent One Name, Parent One Employer, etc.

Orphaned Parents

These are parents on the system whose student accounts were deleted, rendering them “orphans.” We recommend bulk deleting these parent accounts, as they will not be able to complete a new application while their e-mail addresses remain on the system.

If you see a parent that should be linked to a child, navigate to the student profile and Edit the Parent & Guardian information. You’ll be able to link the parent to the student.