Viewing your Applicant Pool

Reviewing your Applicant Pool

Click on Inquiries, Applicants, Students, or Alumni on the lefthand navigation panel. This tutorial will use Applicants as the example, but the filter and export options are same for all four categories.

The applicants are displayed with key information in columns. Select applicants to perform bulk actions, for example adding tags or sending checklist reminders.

Click Filter to further refine your selections. Your filter selections can be saved for future use, so for example if you regularly review Primary applicants for the 2017-2018 academic year, you can save those filter preferences.

Please click here for more detailed instructions.

The saved filters appear on the lefthand menu.

Once your pool has been selected, you can select all or select individually

Rearranging Columns

Easily rearrange information on the screen by clicking Arrange Columns. Drag and drop the fields to alter how information is displayed.

For example, display the Student Name in the lefthand column, followed by Grade, Programme, and Applicant Date.