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Tagging Applicants via Applicant Profile

Tag an Applicant Individually via Applicant Profile

Applicants can be tagged individually via their Applicant Profile.

To add a new tag, first navigate to the Applicant Profile and click on the Tags icon, near the top right. Select Add New Tag from the dropdown menu.

Type the tag name in the Add New Tag field. To add multiple tags at the same time, type all of the tag names at the same time, and separate them with commas. The colour of tags are grey by default; click on the grey square to choose another colour for the tag. OpenApply will suggest the names of tags that already exist in the system. Click + to add the new tag.

Editing and Deleting Tags via Applicant Profile

To edit or delete existing tags from an applicant, click on the Tags icon near the top right of Applicant Profile. Select Edit & Delete Tags from the dropdown menu.

All of the existing tags for that applicant will be listed, and the tag name or the colour of the tag can be edited if necessary. If the colour of the tag is edited, then that will change the colour of the tag for all applicants with that tag. Click on the Trash icon to delete the tag. Click to Save any changes.