Tagging Applicants via Roster

Click Applicants, Enquiries or Students on the left side navigation panel to go to the Roster. Select the applicants to be tagged and click Tag.

Type the tag name in the Add Tag field and, if there are multiple tags to be added, enter all of the tag names and separate them with commas. The colour of the tag is grey by default; click on the grey square to change the tag colour. OpenApply will suggest the names of tags that already exist in the system. Click Save to add the tags to selected applicants.

Display Tags on the Roster

Click on the three dots button near the top right of the Applicants, Enquiries or Students roster and check the box for Tags. Click Save. The Tags column will then be displayed on the roster.

Filter Applicants by Tags on the Roster

Click Filter near the top right of the Aplicants, Enquiries or Students roster.

Select the Tags to filter by and click Filter Results. All applicants with any of the Tags you selected will be displayed.