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What to do when 'Email has already been taken'

Schools sometimes receive the message 'Email has already been taken' when updating a parent's email in the Applicant Profile. This is due to the email address already existing for another parent. In OpenApply, each parent must have a unique email address. 

Below are the likely scenarios and how to resolve them.

1. If you know the email is used by someone else, the other parent of the student for example, then you should find out the correct contact information for the new parent.

2. If you are not aware that another parent has this email, navigate to the Families Roster and search the email.

If the email is used by a different parent, we recommend contacting the parents, finding out their correct email address and updating it for the existing parent if needed.

If the email is used by the same parent, i.e. there is a duplicate, you will need to link the siblings and merge the duplicate parents. You can find instructions here.

3. If you cannot find the parent email on the Families Roster, click on the Orphaned Parents button.

Search for the email address to see if there is an Orphaned Parent with the same email. If so, tick the box to the right of the Orphaned Parent and click Delete.

After you have resolved any issues with the duplicate email, you will be able to update the Applicant Profile without receiving an error.