Conditional Checklist Items

Checklist items can be conditional on fields from forms. This means that depending on a parent's answer to a field on one of your forms, a checklist item can be made visible or not for their child, so parents only view the checklist items that are relevant to their child.

For example, a particular checklist item may only be applicable for a certain grade, for those where English is not the first language, or for those that are applying for a scholarship. 

To add a condition to a checklist item, navigate to Settings > Admissions > Checklist

  1. Select the Programme that contains the checklist item that you would like to add the condition to
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the checklist item
  3. The Conditional column shows which fields a checklist item is conditional on. 'N/A' indicates that this checklist item is not conditional on any fields.
  4. In this example, the Language Evaluation Form checklist item is conditional on the Grade field

Further advice on adding and editing checklist items can be found here.

Adding and Editing Conditions on a Checklist Item

  1. Click the pencil icon to edit the checklist item
  2. Click to + Add Checklist Rule, to add a new condition to this checklist item. When adding multiple rules, the checklist item will be shown if any of the conditions are met.
  3. Select which field this checklist item should be conditional on. Only Single Line TextMulti-Line TextMultiple ChoiceDropdown, and Checkbox fields will be available
  4. Click the is dropdown menu, to choose whether this checklist item should be shown when the field that it depends on is Equal, or Not Equal to specific values, or is Blank or Not Blank
  5. If Equal or Not Equal is selected, click the to text box to specify the values that the field that this depends on should be Equal or Not Equal to, in order to display this checklist item. If you would like to have more than one option for to, it is necessary to separate the different options using the pipe character ( | )
  6. Click the trash can to remove a checklist condition
  7. Click to Save Changes

In this example, the Language Evaluation Form checklist item will only be shown when Grade is Equal to Grade 1 or 一年级 or when the Language is Not Equal to English.