OpenApplyAccount Setup 2. Customise Your AccountConfiguring your School Settings

Configuring your School Settings

School Information Tab

Under School Information, set your school’s information, including address, time zone, and phone number. Enable Amap (recommended for Chinese schools) and/or remove the gender field if needed.

Under School Contact Information, set your school’s primary admissions contact person. Any replies to automated messages will be sent to this inbox, so we recommend using a general or shared e-mail account.

Upload regular and high-resolution versions of your school logo to display online and on your invoices.

Under Page Layout, you can select either Complete or Lite. The Complete version includes a landing page with information and photos, while the Lite version provides a minimalist alternative. Enabling the Overview of the Applicant Profile pulls core demographic data together.

On the rest of the page, you can set your page order preferences, exam score settings, captcha options and PDF options.

Click Save Changes when done.

Academic Information

Under the Academic Information tab, indicate if your school is Northern or Southern hemisphere, and select which academic years to enable.

This is integrated with your application form, so applicants can apply for only enabled academic years.

Lastly, set your options for dates, daily digests, the export date format and student status notification.

Themes and Buttons

Choose your color scheme and layout. We offer hex color codes so you can match your school colors precisely.

School Photos

Share photos of your school. Uploading multiple photos will create a rotating carousel of photos on your landing page.

Login Background

Select from one of our pre-set background images or upload your own background image for your OpenApply Login page.