OpenApplyAccount Setup 1. AccessCreating your Staff Directory and Managing Users

Creating your Staff Directory and Managing Users

Managing Departments

Users are organised into departments with default access permissions per department. A user's  permissions can be refined further on an individual level. There are five departments by default:

1. Admissions: Has complete access to everything.

2. Technology: Has access to a limited number of settings, specifically Import/Export, Integration, Forms, Pages, Users, and General options.

3. Finance: Has access to applicant profiles and payment information.

4. Academics: Has access to applicant information, the ability to post notes and files, and analytics.

5. Read-only: Has read-only access to applicant information.

To makes changes to departments, navigate to Settings > Staff Directory > Manage Departments.

Select an existing department tab to update a department's name and default permissions. You can also update individual permissions for users in that department.

Click New Department to create a new department, setting a name and default permissions for the department.

When done making any changes, click Save Changes.

Adding a New User

Navigate to Settings > Staff Directory > Add New User. Fill in the user information and select a Department. Once a department has been selected, you can further refine the individual's permissions. At the bottom of the page you have several display and notification options:

1. Display as Admissions Contact: This will display the user name, picture, title, phone, and email as a contact on the public landing page. This is recommended for Admissions users.

2. Send Daily Digest Email & Scheduled Export: Tick this box for the user to receive the Daily Digest email which provides a summary of the day's activities. If you have created Scheduled Exports, then the user will also receive them. This is recommended for Admissions and Technology users.

3. Send Parent Note Notifications: The user will receive an email notification when parents send messages from the parent account. 

4. Automate Cc: on Notes and Emails via Applicant Profile: The user will be Cc'ed by default on any notes or emails sent from the Applicant Profile. The user can be removed individually from a note or email if needed.

5. Send welcome email with login instructions: Upon creation, the user will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to set their password and login for the first time. This is recommended for all users.

Once you have completed entering the user information and setting their permissions and notifications, click Add User.

Updating User Accounts

Navigate to Settings > Staff Directory and click on a user to update their information, change their permissions, enable/disable their notifications, or re-send a welcome email. Note that a user cannot make changes to their own permission settings.

To re-send a welcome email, click the Re-send Welcome Email button in the top right corner.

Removing User Accounts

To remove a user, navigate to Settings > Staff Directory and click on the name of the user to remove. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete.

Please note that once a user is deleted:

  • Any Tasks that have been assigned to them will become unassigned.
  • Any Applicants that have the User as a Representative will be changed to Unassigned.
  • Past correspondence will remain the same.
Removing User Accounts