OpenApplyAccount Setup 3. Customise Your FormsCreating, Cloning, & Disabling Forms

Creating, Cloning, & Disabling Forms

Creating a New Form

Navigate to Settings > Forms and click + Create new form. 

Forms Editor

On the Forms Editor, first link the form to its Campus and Programme.

Next, select the Type:

  • Application: The main application form.
  • Supplementary: Additional forms collecting required information, e.g. health or bus forms.
  • Questionnaire: Recommendation forms that parents can send securely and electronically to recommenders.
  • Tour: Used to collect specific information prior to a tour. If this form is disabled, tour signups are asked for basic information by default.
  • Re-enrolment: Create your re-enrolment form to collect new information from parents or confirm existing information.


Lastly, set your form layout preference and notification options

  • Tick the Render form in 2 columns checkbox to have fields shown in 2 columns on the PDF forms.
  • Enable the Parent email notification checkbox to allow parents to choose to receive email notifications or not. If the checkbox is unticked, then parents cannot change notification preferences and will receive notifications by default.  

 On the left menu, you will find a selection of fields, which will allow you to customize your application form. You can drag and drop them onto your form and easily re-order their sequence.



Double-click on a field to edit the information. Most field settings will allow you to indicate if the field is required, is for office-use only, or to set a default response. A Conditional Field rule can also be added, to make this field dependent on another field.

Certain default fields in the system are labelled as global fields (e.g. First Name, Language, etc.). They are used in the structure of the system and can only be customised in terms of field label and instructions.

Fields in OpenApply that appear on multiple forms will sync data between the forms. It is always recommended to reuse fields when the same data is required on multiple forms so that applicants only have to fill in fields once. For example if the Nationality field is completed on one form, it will be pre-filled in on the next form. Any update to the nationality field on one form, would then update the data on all forms for that applicant or parent.

Cloning an Existing Form

If you have two similar forms, then it may be easier for you to clone an existing form rather than create a whole new one. Locate the form you want to clone at Settings, Forms. Hover over the form and click on the Clone Form button. A new copy of the form will appear. Click on it to edit.

Disabling a Form

To disable or hide a form, untick the Enabled Checkbox. This allows you to keep the information from unneeded forms in the system without allowing applicants to continue filing them out.