Going Live

We recommend selecting a go-live date for your admissions office, at which point families will start applying to your school through OpenApply, and all application data is housed on OpenApply from that point forward.

There are four main ways that you can 'go-live' and link from your main school webiste to your OpenApply website, depending on your preference.

The simplest way is to add a link from your school website, so if a family clicks “Apply Now” they are routed to e.g. https://demo.openapply.com, where you would replace this link with the link to your own OpenApply website.

It is also possible to link directly to your application form or enquiry form, for example, by adding a link from your website to:

https://demo.openapply.com/apply - application form

https://demo.openapply.com/roi - inquiry form

Alternatively, you may prefer to link to the pages for parents to create accounts, and to sign into their account:

https://demo.openapply.com/parents/sign_up - create parent account page

https://demo.openapply.com/parents/sign_in - parent sign in page

In each of these cases, replace 'demo' with the name of your OpenApply website subdomain.

OpenApply Button

You can also choose to embed a button on your school website. The code is available under Settings > General > Themes & Buttons

Embedding Forms

Application forms and the enquiry form can also be embedded into your school website, so that parents can fill out these forms while remaining within your school website.

You can find the code to embed forms by navigating to Settings > Forms and clicking on the name of the application or enquiry form that you want to embed. Scroll to the bottom of the form, and there will be options to embed the form directly, embed the form as a pop-up in another window, or embed different buttons.

Copy and paste the code that you want to use, and insert it into your website to embed the form or button. 

Please contact support@openapply.com if you would like any assistance with this.