OpenApplyAccount Setup 6. EventsConfiguring Event Settings

Configuring Event Settings

Displaying Events & Event Types

Navigate to Settings > Admissions > Events.

1. Choose to display or not display the Open Day button and Tours button on your landing page by checking the boxes for Display on Landing Page. Open Day events are larger events for groups of families. Tours are for individual families or small family groups.

2. Choose the Default View for how the events will be displayed for parents, by default. Events can be displayed in a Calendar or List view, and parents can choose between these views.

Blocking Holidays

Click on Holiday Calendar to view the calendar for holidays or other times that you may wish to block events for.

Choose from the dropdown menu which programme you would like to block events for.

Click on the dates that you would like to block. Events will not be offered on days marked as holidays, in blue.

When you have added the holidays for all programmes click Save.