OpenApplyAccount Setup 6. EventsCreating and Editing Events

Creating and Editing Events

Create an Event

Navigate to Settings > Admissions > Events and click Create New Event.

Recurring Event vs One-Time Event

Recurring Event

Tick the Repeating checkbox at the top of the page to indicate the event is Recurring. Then, set the duration of the recurring events in the Duration dropdown field.

Tick the checkboxes for the days of the week you would like to make this event available. Add available times to each day by clicking the +Add Hours button. Click on the Times to adjust the ranges.

Click on the Hosts box to select the Host(s) for each available time. Any admin user can be selected as the Host.

One-Time Event

Leave the Repeating checkbox unticked. Then, set the Date, Start and End times.

Event Details

Select Open Day or Tour in the Event Type dropdown.

Then, add in all relevant information including: Title, Description, and Location. To limit the capacity of the event, enter a number in the Capacity field.


For Open Day events, once you input a number in the Capacity field, you can set the Limit Per Registration, to limit the number of people a single family can register. You can also change the Capacity question depending if you are recording attendees by number of parents, children, or both.

Lastly, click Save Changes to add the Tour or Open Day.

Editing an Existing Event

Navigate to Settings > Admissions > Events and click on the Recurring Event or One-Time Event header to view each type of event. Then, click on the Edit icon next to the desired Event.

Change the event from a One-Time Event to a Recurring Event, or vice versa, by ticking or unticking the Repeating checkbox.

Please note the Event Type cannot be changed.

Make your updates, and then click Save Changes.

To remove an existing Event, click on the Delete icon to the right of the desired event. Please note an Event cannot be deleted if families are currently registered for it.

If you do not wish parents to be able to register for the event yet, untick the Published checkbox. You can tick it again later when you are ready for registrations.

Exporting a List of Participants

Navigate to Settings> Admissions> Events and click on the Export to CSV icon. An Excel spreadsheet will automatically be downloaded including the Open Day's title, date, names of participants and the number of attendees.