Conditional Fields

Conditional fields can be used to display a field depending on the response to a previous field. In the example above, you can see that the parent only needs to complete the field to specify the referral source, if they have chosen 'Other' for the referral source field. 

When editing a form double-click on a field, or select the field on the left and click Edit Field, to bring up the Field Editor, in order to add a conditional field rule. Fields that already have a conditional rule are highlighted in purple on the form editor.

At the bottom of the field editor, click the Add Rule button below Conditional Fields to add a rule. After clicking to add a rule, take the following steps:

1. Click the When dropdown menu, to select the field that this field depends on. Only Single Line Text, Multi-Line Text, Multiple Choice, Dropdown, and Checkbox fields will be available. 

2. Click the Is dropdown menu, to choose whether this field should be shown when the field that it depends on is Equal, or Not Equal to specific values, or is Blank or Not Blank

3. If Equal or Not Equal is selected, click the To dropdown menu to specify the values that the field that this depends on should be Equal or Not Equal to, in order to display this field. If you would like to have more than one option for To please separate the different options using the pipe character ( | ).

Nested Conditions

It is possible to 'Nest' conditions. For example, when Field B is conditional on Field A, Field C can be conditional on Field B. Please note that there can only be three condition levels.

Nested conditional fields will display the Prior Conditions in the Conditional Fields section of the Field Editor.

Grouped Fields

Grouped Fields, such as Siblings Information or Previous Schools, can be made to be conditional on another field. Double-click on the grouped field or select the group on the left and click Edit Group, to bring up the Grouped Field Editor, in order to make the grouped field conditional. Fields within a group can only be dependent on other fields within that group.

Restrictions and Warnings

There are some restrictions when using conditional fields:

1. The conditional field must be on the same form as the field that it depends on.

2. The conditional field must be after the field that it depends on, on each form.

3. Fields within a group can only be dependent on other fields within that group.

When saving a form, an error will be shown at the top of the form, if conditional fields rules are added to that form that do not meet these restrictions.

A warning will be shown at Settings > Forms if a conditional field rule has been added that has caused another form to not comply with these restrictions.