OpenApplyAccount Setup 3. Customise Your FormsAdding & Editing Fields on Forms

Adding & Editing Fields on Forms

OpenApply includes 280 default fields that can be added or removed from forms, and they can be edited to better suit your needs. Users can also create unlimited custom fields to ensure the forms fit your school's process exactly. The following types of custom fields can be created:

Single-line Text - short, one phrase text answers

Multi-line Text - text answers requiring several sentences

Dropdown Menu - select one value from a long list

Checkboxes - select multiple values from a list

Multiple Choice - select one value from a short list

File Upload - upload a file directly to the form

Date - date picker ensures consistent date formats

Year - select from a list of years

URL - enter a clickable link

Email Address - collect a valid email address

Number - a number up to 19 digits

Decimal - a number that allows decimals

Terms - certify agreement or acceptance to terms and conditions

Signature - an e-signature with date stamp

Phone Number - a valid phone number with country code

Adding a new field

Navigate to Settings > Forms and click on the desired form. On the left side, click the green + Add Field button to add a general Applicant field. If you would like to add a Parent field or a field in another group, be sure to click on the group name first, and then click + Add Field.

Enter the following information to create your field. Red asterisks mean the information is required. Once you are done, click Save Changes.

1. Field Type - Single-line Text, Dropdown Menu, etc.

2. Short Name - The name of the field in the backend database. This must be unique.

3. Field Label - The name of the field as it appears on the form.

4. Field Label Translation - A translation that will appear under the field label. If you are using the Chinese interface, the translation will appear as the Field Label when Chinese language has been selected.

5. Instructions - Add instructions to make clear to parents what information is required.

6. Required - Selecting 'Yes' means that parents must complete this field in order to submit the form. 'No' means parents will be able to skip the field when completing the form. 

7. Office Use - Tick this box to make the field internal only. Parents cannot see Office Use fields. 

8. Default Value - If you believe the majority of parents will have the same answer, you can set the field to default to that answer. For date fields, it is possible to set which month and year the date picker defaults to.

9. Conditional Fields - Make this field dependent on the answer to another field by clicking Add Rule. For more information, see the tutorial on conditional fields.

Now that your new field is saved, you can drag it from the field list on the left and drop it on your form in the desired place. Note that grouped fields, such as Parent fields, must always be together on the form.

Editing Fields

Navigate to Settings > Forms and click on the form you would like to edit. Select the field to edit from the list on the left hand side and click Edit Field. Alternatively, double click on the field on your form on the right side.

Make the desired changes and click Save Changes when done.

Removing a field

Navigate to Settings > Forms and click on the form that you would like to remove a field from. Find the field on the form and click the red circle on the right side. Click Ok.