Editing Form Layout and Text

Navigate to Settings > Forms and click on the form you would like to edit. Click on General Navigation on the left side to add a Page, Section Break, Section Blank, Section Header, or Static Text.


Application and Supplementary forms can have an unlimited number of Pages. To add a page, drag Page from under General Navigation to your form on the right side. Click Edit Page to add a page Title and Description. If you are using the Chinese UI, translations can also be added. When you have finished, click Done. To delete a page click Remove Page

Section Break, Section Blank, & Section Header

You can divide pages into sections using Section Break, Section Blank, and Section Header.

1. Section Break - A line is added between fields to indicate the a new section is starting.

2. Section Blank - Used to create extra blank space on the form.

3. Section Header - Large text to begin a new section. Once added to the form, click on the Header to edit the text and add a description. Tick the Office Use checkbox in order to make your Section Header visible only for admin users. Click Done when finished.

Static Text

Drag the Static Text tile to the form to add plain text. The following formatting tools can be used on your static text:

Bold: *text*

Italic: _text_

Underline: +text+

Tick the Office Use checkbox to make your static text visible only for admin users. Click Done when finished.