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Import & Export Settings

Navigate to Settings > Import & Export to access Import & Export settings.


On the export page, it is possible to export by Status & Programme.

Select fields for to be exported or for an export template by dragging and dropping from the Available Fields to the Export Fields.

It is also possible to access Recent Exports. Alternatively, click the pencil icon to edit existing export templates or click Edit Notification to schedule exports.


Navigate to Settings > Import & Export > Import to import new data or update existing data on OpenApply, with a CSV file.

If you require support with the import, we recommend to send the file directly to for our team to assist.

We can import existing students or applicants at any stage of the application process, so you can import data from your other systems.

Recent Imports

Navigate to Settings > Import & Export > Recent Imports to review the status of any recent imports. If an import failed, click the filename to review why.

Click the trash can to delete a recent failed import from the list.

The failed import page will show which cells in your spreadsheet caused the import to fail. You can click to Download your import file, make the necessary corrections to the file, and then click to Upload new file to try the import again with the updated file.