OpenApplyImport & Export ExportingExporting Data from OpenApply

Exporting Data from OpenApply

Via Settings > Import and Export

Navigate to Settings > Import & Export > Export, to export student information from OpenApply to Excel or CSV file. You can choose to:

  1. Export by form
  2. Export by status
  3. Export by programme
  4. Whether or not to include Archived students in the export
  5. Give the export (or export template) a name in the Export Template field

Via the Applicants tab

You can also export a filtered list of applicants directly via the Inquiries, Applicants or Students roster. This can be done by taking the following steps:

  1. Click the Filter to filter for whichever groups of applicants you require. For example, you can filter by grade, status, gender or custom fields
  2. Click to select all of the students
  3. Click Export, then select New Export or one of your export templates

You can then proceed to the export page, to select your fields, and export the selected students.

Selecting Fields to Export

You can select the data fields to be included in the export, in the Export Fields column. For example, if you do not require to export the Middle Name of the students, you can click to remove the Middle Name(s) field. You can easily re-order the sequence of fields by dragging and dropping the fields in the Export Fields column. Click Unselect All to remove all fields from the export, if you wish to select only certain fields. Drag fields from the Available Fields column to the Export Fields column to select them for export. It is possible to select fields from several forms. System fields such Student Status, Status Level and Application Date can be found under Extra Fields. Student profile Photos can be exported in bulk.

Saving your Export File

Select whether to export to Excel or CSV file format. Once you have chosen your fields, you can save this as an export template, if this is a regular export that you may require again, by clicking Create New Template. Or click Export to run the Export. You will receive an e-mail with a link to download the export file within 15 minutes. Or navigate to Settings > Import & Export > Export to find your export under Recent Exports.