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E-mailing an Individual Applicant & Family

Via the Applicant Profile

On the Applicant Profile, you can enter either an internal note (default), which is only visible among admissions staff, or you can directly notify the applicant & family via e-mail, if you wish to send a note to the parents. Click on the Notes tab below the applicant details. Notes are always internal by default.

Once you have entered the text for the Note, and are ready to send the Note, click to Add Note

Leaving an Internal Note

When leaving an internal note, you have the option to CC one, or multiple, colleagues. The dropdown will show any admin users in your system. More users can be added at Settings > Staff Directory, if necessary.

Notifying Applicant & Family via email

If you wish to notify the family in your Note, select the button next to Notify Applicant & Family via email. You have the option to select which parent(s) and guardian(s) you wish to notify, and you also have the option to CC one, or multiple, colleagues.