OpenApplyMessaging MessagingSending a Message to Parents via the Applicant Profile

Sending a Message to Parents via the Applicant Profile

Sending a Message

Navigate to the Applicant Profile and click on the Notes tab. Select the radio button for Notifiy Applicant & Family via email.

From the To: dropdown menu, select the name(s) of the parent(s) you want to send the message to. If you want to notify your colleagues of this message by email, click +Add Cc.

Select your colleague(s) name(s) from the dropdown menu under Cc:.

Enter your text in the box. If needed, click Attach File to attach a file to this message. When done, click Add Note to send this message. The parent(s) and your colleague(s) will receive this message via email. Parents can also access this message under Student Information> Messages on the parent account.

Viewing Messages Sent to Parents

Under Latest Activity, select Comment from the dropdown menu next to Filter. All the messages between the school and parents will be displayed.

Responding to a Parent Message

Hover your mouse over the parent message and you will be able to see three icons under the timestamp. Click on the Arrow icon to reply.

Select the parent(s) you want to reply to and colleague(s) you would like to copy in. Then add your text and click Reply to send your response.

If you'd like to send a message to multiple parents at the same time, you can send bulk messages via the Rosters. You can find instructions for bulk messaging here.