OpenApplyMessaging MessagingCreating a Bulk Message Template

Creating a Bulk Message Template

Bulk message templates facilitate sending messages repeatedly to different sets of users.

Navigate to the Enquiries, Applicants, Students or Alumni roster, select Send Messages, and then select New Message from the dropdown menu.

When you are on the editing page, first select the Recipient, then add a Subject and write the message.

To customise the message for each family, use the available mail-merge values under the Legend of Values on the right side. Click on a mail-merge value to make it appear in the message.

To insert links and images, please click here for instructions. Use the Attach File button to include a file in your message.

When you are done, scroll down and click Save as Template.

Navigate back to the Roster and click on Send Messages, you will see the newly created template on the dropdown menu.