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Generating and Editing Invoices

In Bulk Via Payments> Invoice Generation

You can generate invoices in bulk by navigating to Payments> Invoice Generation. Here, you can Filter on the right to determine which applicants appear in the list below

The Bulk Invoice Options box includes fields where the Issue Date, Due Date, and Amount of the invoices can be set.  You can also select the option to automatically Send Invoice via Email. After you have ticked the applicants to be invoiced in the filtered list, click Generate Invoice to invoice the selected applicants.

Individually Via Applicant Profile

Click on an applicant to access his or her Applicant Profile. Under Payment & Invoices on the right panel, you can set the Issue Date and Amount and then click Generate Invoice for the individual applicant. You can also send an invoice notification to the parents by ticking the Send Request Email checkbox.

Editing Invoices via Applicant Profile

To edit an invoice, navigate to the Applicant Profile and click the Pencil icon in the upper right of the Invoices box.

Here, you can edit the Issue Date and the Total Amount of the invoice and then click Update Invoice.