OpenApplyPayments Invoicing & ReconcilingExporting Payment Receipts in Bulk

Exporting Payment Receipts in Bulk

Via the Payments Tab

Click on the Payments tab to begin. Click the button to Export Reconciliation Report.

This will include a list of all reconciled payments for the current enrollment year (e.g. 2015-2016 year). This data set will include:

  • OpenApply ID
  • Applicant ID
  • Applicant First & Last Name
  • Applicant Grade
  • Parent Email
  • Invoice Status
  • Form Type
  • Invoice Number
  • Amount Paid
  • Issue Date
  • Due Date
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Date
  • Card Number
  • Card Type
  • Payment Time
  • Request ID
  • Merchant Reference Number
  • Authorization Code
  • Notes