OpenApplyRe-Enrolment Managing Re-EnrollmentConfiguring your Re-Enrolment Preferences

Configuring your Re-Enrolment Preferences

Enabling Re-enrolment

Navigate to Settings > Admissions > Re-Enrolment, to enable re-enrolment and set a fixed deadline date, which will allow parents to confirm or decline enrolment for the following academic year.

All students marked with the status Enrolled, who are not in the top grade, will be eligible for re-enrolment for the next academic year. If a student's parents are unable to confirm enrolment, you can manually confirm their status as Enrolled first.


Customise Re-enrolment Notification E-mails

Navigate to Settings > Admissions > Status & Notification

  1. Customise all of the re-enrolment notification emails to be sent to families. Mail-merge values can be used to further personalise the notification and confirmation emails.
    • Initial Reminder - sent to all families available for re-enrolment (Not Sent status)
    • Pending Reminder - sent to families that have not taken any action
    • Undecided Reminder - sent to families that have selected undecided because they are waiting for additional external information before making a decision
    • Re-Enrolment Confirmation - sent to families that confirmed intent to re-enrol
  2. The re-enrolment URL allows the parent to log directly into their account via a unique link, without the need to enter a password.

Customising your Re-enrolment Forms

Enable the re-enrolment forms at Settings > Forms. Customise the following forms according to the information you would like to collect based on the parent's response to the re-enrolment notification.  

The Re-Enrolment Form must be enabled to run re-enrolment. The other two forms are optional, and if not enabled, the parent can select the re-enrolment choice but will not be asked to provide any additional information. 

Some example information includes:

Re-Enrolment Form - ask additional information needed for the coming academic year, confirm contact information, etc.

Re-Enrolment Form (Undecided Status) - when will parent make decision, what is the major factor impacting their decision, etc.

Re-Enrolment Form (Declined Status) - where will the child study next year, what did they like/dislike about school, etc.

Click on the appropriate re-enrolment form here to edit the form, or send your existing re-enrolment forms to for our team to build. Note that fields, e.g. First Name, Last Name, Home Phone, etc. will be pre-populated for the families based on the information that already exists in OpenApply. This allows families to easily check and update their contact data through the re-enrolment forms.

When the parents confirm Re-Enrolment it will automatically offer them three choices for whether they want to re-enrol each of their children and show which grade the student is re-enroling for. Parents can choose from the following options:

Yes - parent is confirming re-enrolment, and must complete the Re-Enrolment Form

No - parent is declining re-enrolment, and will complete the Re-Enrolment Form (Declined Status) if enabled

Undecided - parent is uncertain about re-enrolment, and will complete the Re-Enrolment Form (Undecided Status) if enabled