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Sending Re-Enrolment E-mail Notifications

Opening Re-enrolment

To start re-enrolment, click on the Re-enrolment tab on the left panel.

To send re-enrolment notifications, click Send Re-Enrolment Notifications, then click Send Initial Re-Enrolment Reminders. The system will ask you to confirm the number of e-mails to be sent.

Once the initial re-enrolment notifications are sent, you can continue to remind families who have provided an Undecided answer by clicking Resend Undecided Reminders and remind families who have not provided any answer by clicking Resend Pending Reminders.


Not Sending Re-enrolment Notifications to Specific Students

If there are specific students who you would not like to send a re-enrolment notification to, you should mark them as Decline for re-enrolment, then click Confirm Re-Enrolment to save this, before sending the initial notifications

Sending Individual Re-enrolment Notifications

To send a re-enrolment reminder to an individual family, navigate to the Applicant Profile. Under Re-enrolment on the right panel, click the envelope icon to re-send the reminder.

Family View

When a family clicks on the re-enrolment link contained in the e-mail, they are automatically logged in to confirm their re-enrolment for the subsequent academic year.


If a family has more than one child pending re-enrolment, their Dashboard will show the siblings, so families can complete re-enrolment for all of their children at the same time.