OpenApplyRe-Enrolment Managing Re-EnrollmentMarking Re-Enrolment Manually for Individual Students or in Bulk

Marking Re-Enrolment Manually for Individual Students or in Bulk

Individually via the Applicant Profile

Navigate to the Applicant Profile and click the pencil icon under Re-Enrolment on the right panel to edit the re-enrolment for a particular academic year.

You can then confirm the re-enrolment status for each academic year and update any of the family’s contact details together with any applicable re-enrolment fees.

Once you have finished making changes, you can save the re-enrolment details by pressing Save Changes. Any changes made to the family contact details (e.g. a change of address or telephone) will be automatically updated on the main applicant profile.


Via the Re-enrolment Dashboard

Navigate to the Re-Enrolment dashboard to confirm re-enrolment decisions in bulk.

1. Click on Pending, Undecided, Accept or Decline for an individual student.

2. Alternatively click on Yes or No for Mark as re-enrolled to mark all students as Accept or Decline.

3. By default, students will re-enrol for the next grade up. Click to edit the grade, if necessary, for example if the student is repeating or skipping a grade.

4. Click on the Re-Enrolment Status to filter for students with that re-enrolment status.

5. Click on the Filter to filter for a particular grade or student.

Scroll to the bottom, and click Confirm Re-Enrolment to save changes.