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Creating Super Strong Passwords that are Easy to Remember

Think "Pass Phrase", not "Password"

The new password will not save until you see all boxes full, with the final box a dark green colour. Enter the new password again to confirm. Click Save Changes.

You could use a password like S8raH18!&1, but that's not very fun to remember, nor is it nearly as secure as a longer password with random words put together. It's better to use a phrase. We've found that the combination of 3-4 random common words is easier to remember and harder to crack!  

Examples of Strong Pass Phrases:

qwe qwe 45

Plant Green So Clean

Passport Airplane First Class

Rules for Creating Strong Passwords Instead of Pass Phrases

If you do not wish to use a pass phrase and instead want to create a password, here are some guidelines. Please use at least 8 characters and include:

  • A minimum of 2 upper case letters
  • A minimum of 1 symbol
  • A minimum of 2 numbers


Examples of Strong Passwords: